Everybody knows that web site promotion is vital for website success. The good news is that promoting your site boils down to two simple strategies:

  1. Creating compelling content that site visitors and search engines 'enjoy', and
  2. Building inbound links to your site (and repeating).

Website promotion, phase one - Directories

You should start your website promotion efforts by listing your site at the most popular Internet directories. Because they can send you substantial amounts of traffic and affect your ranking in various search engines, it is wise to make sure that your site is present in all of the major directories before doing anything else.

Website promotion, phase two - Search engines

Now that your site has been included in ODP and Yahoo, you should already be receiving clearly more traffic than before. The next task is to get to know search engines and use them to bring even more people to your pages. Because you have completed phase one, you have established a good foundation for making your site perform well in the search engines.





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